Infants Room


Courtney Maxfield

Head Teacher

Our Daily Activities

Our littlest friends need plenty of time outdoors.  We use our special team stroller to take all the babies for walks around the giant ECDS sports field.

We encourage our infants to move and wiggle to all kinds of musical sounds.   Older babies may also enjoy playing with simple instruments.   We love happy dances!

Fostering a love of books is a great way to plant some of the earliest seeds for future academic success.   We read simple rhyming stories aloud to our infants every day, making sure to point out the words and actions we see.

Babies in our infant room can nap as per their own needs in individual cribs.  However, we take our lights-out naps as a class at 9 A.M and 1 P.M.  Children who don’t nap during these times sit quietly in a teacher’s lap and cuddle.

Children are given time to freely explore their environment, interact with peers, and manipulate toys and games according to their interests.

We take the babies outside daily to spend time in our large little-kids play area (weather permitting).  There they can crawl on the grass, dig in the mud, scale small logs, and make friends with our older students.

The sensory world is endlessly fascinating to babies.  We give our babies interesting natural materials to feel and explore and squish.

Our Developmental Goals for the Infants Room


Sit and crawl without assistance.

Walk steadily across the length of the classroom without falling.

Feed him/herself, eating table food cut in very small portions.

Consolidate to one nap in the middle of the school day.


Feel comfortable approaching other children.

Nap on cots rather than in cribs.

Recognizes familiar people.


Play independently for short periods of time.

Laugh and smile.

Develop healthy attachment to teachers.

Feel comfortable with transitions between parent/teacher care.


Babble, saying a couple words (ex., dada, bye bye, all done).

Point to desired objects.

Wave bye-bye.

Recognize familiar objects.

Enjoy exploring and playing with new objects.